Significance of Mass Media

Published April 16, 2012 by Dezirae Mccausland

For my last ‘coolest concept’, I want to touch on the significance of the Mass Media. When we think about the mass media there are so many different forms in which we receive information. Television, commercials, radio, newspapers, internet, and billboard ads, just to mention a few. This information that we are receiving from the mass media covers a vast variety of topics that relates to our lives and the world around us. The messages we receive from the mass media are a constructed reality of what the media is telling us about our world and how we fit into it. The significance of the media has two functions, either positive or negative. First, on the positive side, the media helps to inform us on events that are happening around us, as well as, letting us know what events are happening around the world. Some dysfunctions of the media are that it shows us mostly negative stories compared to positive ones, the media pick and choose what they think is important for us to hear, this is called gate keeping, and lastly, the media tends to make stories bigger than they really are, this is called agenda setting or framing (to impose a preferred meaning onto an event). The mass media is fast moving and ever present in our lives and as viewers and recipients of the mass media we can take from it what we need to be well informed, while also being critical of the negative aspects.


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