Gendered Media

Published April 15, 2012 by Dezirae Mccausland

In the mass media we see social constructions of gender which create stereotypical rolls that men and woman are supposed to follow. These social constructions display woman as sexual objects, who are often shown as powerless and needing a man to help her in order to function in this world. Within this gendered media, woman are also underrepresented giving stereotypical representations. Woman are shown in typical rolls but do not reflecting the true diversity of woman’s rolls within our society. When recipients of the mass media see gendered media, they internalize what they see believing it to be true. This can be harmful to both men and women. This is a cool concept to me because as we watch television, see ads, and watch movies, it is very easy to see how women and men are displayed in such stereotypical ways. Men are to be strong, love sports and cars, and women are to be slim, beautiful, and consumers of cosmetics and household necessities. But, if we look at the real people of our world, we can see there is much diversity among men and woman who have so many different personalities and interests, the media is only presenting us with a construction of what they want us to believe genders should be like.


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