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About Me

Published January 15, 2012 by Dezirae Mccausland

I am Dezirae McCausland and I am a student at Kwantlen. This is my second year at Kwantlen and I have also completed one year at a collage in Alberta. I am in the General Studies Program and once I have completed my bachelors I hope to go on to a PDP program and become an elementary school teacher. As a young child I had always dreamt of becoming a teacher. I enjoy interacting with children as they are so enthusiastic to learn.

This semester I am taking 3 courses and also work as a Hair Stylist. After high school I went to school for hair, worked for a few years, then decided I needed to continue my education to become a teacher.

I am a fun, caring person, and I enjoy being creative. Being creative has always been a part of me, things like painting, drawing, and baking are very relaxing. I also enjoy going for walks in nature and spending time with my family and friends. I have always been one to think and analyze the world around me, wondering why people do what they do and why are we here. With these many questions about life it has lead me in the direction of sociology.

Sociology to me has helped answer many questions and given me a better understanding of our society. Sociology is the study of societies and I find this a fascinating topic. I have taken a few other Sociology classes and have enjoyed each one. I choose to take this course on Mass Media & Society because I think it is interesting how much power media has on us. I want to know more about how it affects our lives and how it constructs our society.